Services offered to Building Industry Professionals

Building Industry Professionals can rely on our experience and expertise to save you time, avoid mistakes and ensure that the best possible industrial flooring systems have been selected for your project.

Flooring Specifications

A free service including consultation, project flooring evaluation, samples, culminating in a project specification document. Selecting the wrong flooring type for your project could have major consequences.

Budget Advice

Using our own in house contracting divisions experience, we can provide the most accurate budgets to professionals. Poor budget advice can create unnecessary financial burdens to a project.

Technical Advisory

Synthetic systems require the correct sub base in order to perform as required. Use our sub base requirement guide to avoid unnecessary complications.

Bill of Quantity Descriptions (BOQ)

Assistance with BOQ descriptions to ensure correct system design on build up being tendered on. So often BOQ errors lead to complications on projects.

Flooring Lifespan Guide

Resin Floors are all subject to lifespan limitations. Understanding this is key factor to making your selection.

Top Tips

  • The thickness of the system selected directly impacts the lifespan of the floor.
  • Synthetic resin overlays are not installed to up grade sub – standard bases, but rather to enhance and protect the virtues of well designed ones.
  • The thickness and cost of industrial flooring is such it is not practical to use the flooring system to correct the levels of a substrate that is out of tolerance. For this reason, the substrate must be laid to the same tolerances as required for the finished resin mortar flooring.
  • Non slip floors are challenging to keep clean and should only be used when this is considered.

Chemical Resistance Formulations

Protection against corrosive environments is our speciality. The Vuka Resist Range is ideally suited with the added ability to provide custom formulations for the toughest conditions

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