The Pharmaceutical Industry for good reason requires the highest level of hygiene when it comes to industrial flooring. Epoxy and polyurethane floors are seamless allowing for easy cleaning and maintaining high levels of hygiene. Anti microbial additives are incorporated into the flooring coupled with coved skirtings to provide the ultimate hygienic environment for the Pharmaceutical Industry.

The excellent chemical resistance of epoxy and polyurethane industrial flooring means the ingredients used in manufacture are not able to erode the floors allowing for long lifespans. The heavy loads and traffic are easily managed through their hard wearing and abrasion resistant properties.

Industrial epoxy and polyurethane floors are designed to wear over time and will require rejuvenation. This can be carried out with relative ease as the new coatings can be applied over the existing ones.

Bunds and tanks are commonly used in the Pharmaceutical Industry and can be lined with epoxy and polyurethane systems.
These systems in our Vuka Resist range are designed for the harshest environments.

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