The Manufacturing Industry demands maximum productivity meaning delays and down time must be avoided. Industrial floors made from epoxy and polyurethane are ideal as they provide long service life, hygienic environments, can brighten up the workplace and are able to withstand frequent traffic.

Hard wearing properties and good abrasion resistance allows industrial epoxy and polyurethane floors to stand up to regular traffic from forklifts and hard wheel trolleys. Regular cleaning with rotary scrubbers ensures floors are kept clean and hygienic for the best working environments. Demarcations and walkways are easily incorporated on the epoxy and polyurethane floors keeping the environment safe.

Resin floors are designed to wear and over time rejuvenations can quickly and easily be undertaken with minimum downtime.
Ramps can be coated with non slip epoxy floors to allow forklifts to operate safely.

Joints that have eroded and slow down forklift traffic can be repaired with epoxy and polyurethane screeds to bring back optimum performance.

Some of our customers logos are displayed below as a reference for where we have provided epoxy and polyurethane flooring.

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