In the services of Health, Education and Municipalities a variety of flooring challenges are faced all of which industrial epoxy and polyurethane flooring can meet.

Healthcare requires the highest level of hygiene which is achieved by the use of seamless floors. Coved skirting provides a smooth transition between walls and floors while our anti microbial additives provide extra defence against bacteria.

Epoxy and polyurethane floors are common in the Education sector and often found in classrooms, passageways, laboratories, halls and ablutions. Hard wearing properties along with ease of cleaning make this a popular choice.

Laboratories which use harsh chemicals can have their epoxy or polyurethane floors designed to resist attack. Some laboratories may also require anti static flooring which Vuka Floors manufactures.

Municipalities have a variety of environments for which industrial epoxy and polyurethane flooring is suitable. Vuka Floors have installed industrial epoxy flooring and linings in many waste water treatment facilities. Public buildings, ablutions, meeting rooms and conference centres have all been fitted with epoxy and industrial polyurethane flooring. Key features in these environments is the seamless nature allowing for hygiene as well as excellent wear and abrasion resistance.

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