The Chemicals Industry provides some of the toughest possible environments for epoxy and polyurethane floors. Heavy loading and equipment, high temperature operations and harsh chemical exposure are some of the main challenges.

Commonly the most suitable product for the Chemicals Industry is Vuka Crete HD an industrial polyurethane floor screed. It has excellent chemical resistance and lifespan due to its standard 6mm thickness application. For high temperature environments up to 120C it can also be used when installed at 9mm thickness.

There is however no common industrial epoxy or polyurethane floor that can withstand all chemicals at all concentrations and temperatures. Vuka Floors uses chemical resistant charts to determine which epoxy or polyurethane system will best suit the specific requirement. In some environments epoxy novolac or vinyl ester systems will be required which are also formulated in our laboratory.

In all cases a good sub base is required and when chemical attack or exposure has already taken place it is best to get the sub base evaluated. It may need to be removed and a new sub base installed before any epoxy or polyurethane flooring or lining system can be installed.

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