Epoxy and polyurethane flooring is used extensively in the automotive industry. Excellent chemical resistance to oils, brake fluids, engine coolants and other related automotive liquids is a key feature. Seamless epoxy and polyurethane floors also make cleaning (most commonly with a rotary scrubber) easy to undertake. Industrial epoxy flooring is ideal for workshops, panel beaters, assembly lines, oil rooms, parts stores or similar automotive environments.

The hard wearing characteristics of epoxy and polyurethane floors ensure long lifespans to the automotive industry. Dependant on thickness of application and traffic volumes lifespans from 2 to 10 years can be expected.

Rejuvenation of resin flooring is also common and easy to undertake as the new layers can be bonded onto the existing provided the correct preparation is undertaken. Many rejuvenations take place over weekends to avoid disruption to running workshops, panel beaters or production lines.

Vuka Floors, manufacturers of Epoxy and Polyurethane Flooring have installed flooring and other protective systems for many of Africa’s most demanding companies in the toughest service environments.

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