Anti dusting systems solutions that are economical and highly effective in preventing concrete dusting are manufactured and applied by Vuka Floors .


Product of Vuka Floor , Anti dusting range

Vuka Seal 205 is a transparent liquid chemical compound which penetrates masonry surfaces reacting with soluble salts within the mortar to seal, harden and dust proof the surface.

For waterproofing, case hardening and preventing the ingress of oil and other contaminants.It prevents the dusting of concrete floors and improves resistance to deterioration of poor quality mortar and plaster.

  • Factories and warehouses
  • Dispatch Bays
  • Large Storage areas
  • Logistics Centers
  • Container terminals
  • Easy application
  • Can be applied to new surfaces (7-10 days old) thus suitable with fast track construction.
  • Provides oil resistance
  • Case hardens and dust proofs
  • Typically 35% improvement in abrasion resistance
  • Can be over coated
  • Cost effective


Product of Vuka Flors , anti dusting range

A solvent based one component clear moisture curing polyurethane sealer and surface hardener for concrete and wood.

Anti-dusting and hardening surface dressing for concrete and wood.

  • Single pack, easy to use
  • Water resistant
  • Stops dusting of cementitious substrates
  • Excellent abrasion and scuff resistance
  • Fast drying enabling the application of three coats in one day
  • Prevents ingress of contaminants – reduces cleaning costs