The Food and Beverage Industry has some of the strictest hygiene requirements for industrial flooring. Not only must the floors be able to be kept clean and hygienic but also, they must be able to withstand attack from sugars, fats, additives and other ingredients used in this industry. Food safe epoxy and polyurethane floors have become the preferred systems of choice for most food and beverage manufacturers today.

Hygiene is achieved thanks to the seamless nature of epoxy and polyurethane flooring. Coved skirtings are often required which can be formed with epoxy coving aggregates and sealed with final coats that match the floor. Further hygiene is achieved by the addition of antimicrobial additives into our epoxy and polyurethane industrial floors.

The excellent chemical resistance of epoxy and polyurethane floors also ensures the substrate is protected and floors provide a long service life.

Vuka Floors has extensive experience in the Food and Beverage Industry having undertaken installations for most of the recognised major brands and well as many others. Some of the major players logos are displayed below as a guide to whom we have serviced.

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